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Hey guys,

If you’re around, could you come say hello or send a hug? I’m in a tough emotional place rn (sorry for the world of vagueness) and could use a little love.

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Imagine Darren with his parents on Glee……



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Fanfic: (In)finite

Summary: Kurt knows what’s coming and he knows that Rachel’s Broadway debut can’t be about him, so he prepares. (Reaction fic for 5x17) 

WC: 1K

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He expected the song to hurt. 

There wasn’t any reason why it wouldn’t. We’re talking about Broadway and Rachel and a bombastic song about undiscovered glory. He knew that “The Greatest Star” was going to sting in sensitive places he tried to keep hidden, so he’d been quietly preparing himself for weeks. Between regular classes and new workouts with Blaine, he’d started policing his own mind— watching for signs of creeping insecurity.

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That moment when Rachel was making her way from the dressing room onto the stage? Chills. I literally trembled with how much I felt her and felt for her.

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  • me: i want klaine to grind
  • glee: i'll give you kurt sprawled over blaine's lap while it looks like an orgy
  • me: ...
  • me: i can work with that

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The Funny Girl songs didn’t feel like an ultimate triumph. Funny Girl didn’t feel like an ultimate triumph. There were lovely moments to it - the build up as we saw Rachel leave her dressing room and go towards the stage. The determination to make everyone love her, turning the insecurity brought on by seeing Sue leaving into a weapon and finding the drive to make I’m The Greatest Star what it needed to be. The tenderness of Rachel singing for Finn.

But a story of a girl who dreamed of stardom not just because her talent wouldn’t let her sit still, but also because she’s coming from a place of fundamental loneliness, the real joy of the story was in everything around the show that we once envisioned as a climax of the series.

Seeing her friends gather around her to get her back on her feet. Seeing them cheer her on in the audience. All of them going to a place where they could find joy and safety. Reading about her success and being nothing but over the moon for her.

That’s the real victory of Opening Night for me. The girl that begged her nightmares to “love her love her love her”, surrounded by versions of them that truly do, and aren’t reluctant to show it.

Sure, the story isn’t over, and Rachel has a lot to learn, and there are parts of this episode that highlight that. But them moment where they pass the review around? That one is already perfect in my eyes.

Thank you for explaining her victory so well. It was wonderful seeing Rachel Berry so very, very loved.

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GLEETV: A behind-the-scenes look at @EricStoltz directing “Pumpin Blood”

#chris colfer#so uh#you’re just gonna basically like#writhe a lot#and like#get groped#okay i can do that eric (via missbeizy)

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so what i’m getting from this episode so far is that mike and artie are definitely a lil gay because they dated tina

Sam was the LEAST gay and she was going for something different at prom. 

I forgot that it wasn’t canon that they both had at least a passing interest in Blaine, along with Tina, Ryder, Kitty, and the entire band.

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klaine in “opening night”

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A Few Complicated Thoughts About Schue and Sue: